Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Weeds, Trees and Grass!

When we moved to this house, the property seemed very small... On our first visit we actually thought that our yard ended at the back of the sheds on the property. It turns out that we purchased approximately 320 feet in depth of yard at 60 feet wide. The sheds are only about 100-110 feet away from the front yard so that leaves me approximately 210 feet of overgrown brush, weeds, trees and grass (4 feet high) to clear and cut!I started by clearing out a path from the sheds and cleared out land to the firepit. At the time I only had an electric weedwacker... It couldn't handle the job and I ended up burning out the motor, it was time to upgrade to my new gas powered weedwacker. The new weedwacker cut through the majority of long grass and weeds. I was able to collect all the cuttings and dump them into the 'forest' part of our yard, we have about 50 feet of 'forest' that I will leave alone to grow, attract and keep wilderness feeling. I ended up with a ton of stones and rock. The small stones will go onto our property marking natural stone walls and the larger rocks I will use to build a retaining wall so that I will have a more level back yard space to add a firepit, childrens play set, trampoline etc... It started getting cold outside because of the end of season so I stopped clearing the yard so that I could complete other jobs like laying a unilock patio/enterance and vinyl siding a shed so for now its time to play!

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